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Evident For Care Homes

In every care home there is equipment, such as hoists, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, that requires regular oversight, timely maintenance and immediate repair. Evident is an easy, effective and affordable way to manage maintenance, inspections and legal compliance. It is uncomplicated and effortless and gives you peace of mind you need to know that your care home is safe.

Evident comes pre-populated with template safety inspection forms which means you can start your digital compliance journey straight away. You are also able to customise every form and document, or create your own from new.

The Care Home Safety Conversation

Care compliance specialist Jake Archer on fire safety made easy for care homes. Blog.

Always Updated

Evident keeps you updated on care home compliance legislation changes so that your golden thread of evidence is always audit-ready. 

Support Contract Delivery

Support Contract Delivery

All activity is authenticated so you are able to accurately track maintenance, repairs and inspections.

Live Asset Compliance

Live Asset Compliance

Live oversight of inspection activity​ and results, enabling fast resolutions.

Authenticated Digital Certification

Authenticated Digital Certification

Create and complete a live fully customisable library of date, time and GPS tagged electronic forms. 

Stored in one easy to access place

Stored in one easy to access place

Your virtual filing cabinet gives you access to every piece of information – every audit, all your assets & contract data.

Evident In A Care Setting

  • EviDoc Assessment – centralised, care-focused smart form library available to all users for effective inspections and digital golden thread. Designed by care compliance professionals
  • Care home buildings – a single source of truth to view the assurance status of your care home sites, including all building safety case file requirements
  • Assets – detailed installation and service information of all critical safety equipment such as hoists, smoke alarms and fire doors
  • People – a smart HR tool to manage people with safety compliance and inspection responsibilities. Based on competencies, skillset or location
  • Contracts – access all information on specific contracts through Evident, including KPIs, allocated people and status. Suitable for larger customers with large number of care facilities
  • Jobs – manage all maintenance and works, track performance in real time with full GPS, time/date and user logs
  • Finance – record and manage all quotes and invoices for your business


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